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Less Maxigraph – More energy

siva-about-us SIRMA is a modern system for lowering the peak load. It enables control over the peak load and lowers the electricity bill.

SIRMA measures the consumption constantly and it calculates the load in the same way the supplier of electricity does. SIRMA doesn’t allow the load to rise over the set level in the measuring period, which typically lasts for 15 minutes.
enables the user to set the allowed load easily, as well as to set the system parameters in a simple way. That way, the user specifies the sum that they are going to pay for peak load (excess power demand) in accordance with the needs of the building.


Sirma consists of 1 to 16 stations, depending of the buildings’ size. The unit is a modern microprocessor device built in a robust industrial case that’s being placed in a cabinet of DIN-tire. One station can control up to 8 consumers. Depending of the number of stations, the capacity of the complete system is from 8 to 128 consumers.
One station has 8 inputs 230V/50Hz or 24Vac/dc. The state of every input (active/inactive) is signaled with a green LED diode.
One station has 8 outputs 230V/50Hz 1A or 24 Vac/dc 50mA. The state of every output (on/off) is signaled with a yellow LED diode. All plugins to the consumers are created with high quality phoenix terminals/conectors for conductors from 0.2 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 (flexible) or to 1.5 mm2 (inflexible).
The inputs and outputs are galvanicaly isolated from the electronics

Clock synchronization

Sirma has its own clock and calendar for regulation of the peak load – high/low rate, start and end of the measuring period. Intermittently, Sirma downloads the correct time from NTP services which are available on the internet. If there is no internet connection, the operator can adjust the clock manually through the user interface.

Downloading meter data

Meter impulses with impulse output
RS485 or RS232 from meters with Modbus protocol, IEC60870, M-Bus or other custom made.


Communication between the stations

Ethernet or RS485
Internet plug
Ethernet (fixed IP address) or RS232 (PPP)
Storage medium
Sirma uses micro SD card with a capacity up to 32 GB. The card serves to:

Define the configuration of the system (names and addresses of the stations, names and parameters of the meters, addresses of the NTP servers and other)
Write the history of off-line analysis of the performance.

User interface

Sirma has a built-in WEB server with pages for supervision and parameter setting.
On the main page, the state of the consumers is shown, graphic of the cumulative consumption in the ongoing measuring period, the expected average load for the ongoing measuring period as well as the systematic time and date.
Through the page for setup, the operator can change the priorities of the consumers, the allowed peak load, as well as the systematic time and date.
Although the user interface is easy to use, Sirma doesn’t need constant attention. Actually, Sirma is designed to work without supervision or intervention by the user for years.
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